Stream of Love

A love story based on fragments

This project was realized during a university workshop called: “weaving ideas: explorations, fragments and animated stories.” Starting from fragments (pice of paper, flower, pictures, bracelet, audio records)  found on a walk in the street we made connection between them in order to build a story. This little things found around the city lead us to generate a love story, from the first date to the final split -up. The story is divided in three key moments: falling in love; relationship, split-up. On the other side we worked to find a way to tell this love story looking for experimental way of animation. We selected the right color to represent the “characters” of the story: blue for the man, red the woman and black for the “third element”, the cause of the split-up.

We played with milk and ink, animating them in order to follow the soundtrack created with auditory fragments found in the street. We thought that the movement generated by the slow blending of milk with ink, would visually evoke the feelings and the inner spirit of two people falling in love. An apparently slow but overwhelming movement, which creates a fusion generating something more intense. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”