Stowm is a university project developed during the interaction design course. We started this project by asking ourselves what kind of extra space would people need in milan and how do they behave now? After almost two months of research we found the right way to create stowm. We identified two principal users:

Who need space 
Our storage sharing service helps people who are temporarily living in an urban context and want to temporarily store their stuff in a suitable space, by connecting them to locals with extra space, increasing flexibility and reducing costs and efforts, unlike box renting services.

Who offer space
The only storage sharing service for locals with some extra space, living in urban context, that lets you make a profit of it by sharing it with people who match the needs.

The service is offered in 2 digital platforms, website and mobile application, in order to be accesible to everyone, having both platforms the same functionalities. In addition to the digital service, stowm offers to his users a security system for the objects, which consists in a personalized scotch tape with the user’s qr code, that he can order freely to identify them.

Behind Stowm

Elisa Di Nofa
Pieralberto Faggian
Luca Raschi