Stop Contaminazione

Part of the thesis project realized for the Italian Celiac Association

Stop contamination’s videos were made for AIC (celiac’s italian association) during EXPO 2015. AIC selected our thesis project and asked us to realize a part of it: the video tips. Those videos were realized to be showed during Celiac’s Week during EXPO 2015 and than to be left on AIC’s website as a service for people who want to learn how to prevent contamination. The goal of these videos is to educate celiac’s parents and friends about the prevention of contamination of food with gluten in 3 specific and important areas: cooking, inside pantry and at supermarket.


Mattia Fendoni
Francesca Molteni


We decided to use stop motion technique to make videos more attractive and interesting also for people that are not directly involved in celiac disease. We imagined that a person who suffers from celiac disease could share these videos with family and friends to make them more aware and ready to host him. For each area of the project we selected a different color: Cooking: green | Supermarket: orange | Pantry: purple. To realize these videos we shot more than 5000 pictures in 4 days, than large part of the work was dedicated to the post-production.