Working Gender Gap

Pubblicità Progresso awarded work

Working gender gap is a project developed during a university workshop. We created this campaign with the idea of getting rid of stereotypes about gender psychological differences in the working field, to enhance collaboration between different gender as a value. After a brief research we decided to describe female working conditions through a clear and synthetic language, in order to highlight the data found during the research. This kind of representation was used to strike people and make them more conscious about this problem. We have created three posters with a strong copy surrounded by infographics on a contextual picture, one for each environment.


Mattia Fendoni
Martina Granello
Francesca Molteni


1. Career: “woman to go higher take the stairs, man take the elevator”

2. Salary: “woman have to work 13 days to buy a pc, man 11”

3: Domestic: “woman rest 45 minutes more than man”