Sudkultur is an ornamental plant production company based in Puglia, southern Italy. They sell ornamental plants in most of the garden centers all around Europe, especially in Germany. We worked on branding upgrade. Starting from the old logo we tried to leave it as similar as we could but we also wanted to make something more modern and that could work on all the new different supports. Then we created new labels for a new collection of high quality plants. We thought that “prestige collection” could be the perfect name and than we added the payoff: “made with the same passion you would use in taking care of your garden”.

It was quite a different kind of project: we had to develop these labels without using a branding guideline style because these plants are sold by garden centers with their own name. So the big difficulty has been to design something that could work with different brands and at the same time looked good and with a strong personality. Finally we shot photos and videos around the company and inside the studio, in order to have all the contents we needed to design the website and catalogue.


Mattia Fendoni



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