Fred Does a Frame

Mood your Bike

This website began as a classroom project for a course on web design. It was created by a group of seven design students, united by their love for the wide world of bicycles. Intended to explore the nature of bicycles as statements, icons, and as modern manifestations of style, and commentaries on changing trends. This website has little or nothing to do with the actual art of sitting on a bicycle, and moving forward. This website creates moodboards of real objects starting from a bicycle. There are two different ways of using Fred Does a Frame: you can choose a bike that inspires you or you can describe your dream bike and see what Fred suggests you (mood your bike). Once you get the moodboard you can discover more about the objects you like and being linked to their website. Fred Does a Frame is a website for all those out there who like to wonder what the invisible narrator of their lives would say about their bicycles. It looks at what a bicycle stands for, as a beautiful product, as a statement.



Mattia Fendoni
Kratu Beri
Martina Granello
Ilaria Grasso
Beatrice Marcaletti